How Corporate Responsibility Feeds Your Bottom Line

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Many commercial companies are beginning to realize that corporate responsibility is actually good business. The concept does not mean sacrificing the bottom line in pursuit of trendy causes. Rather, it means incorporating a business plan that not only maximizes profits but improves society as a whole, a company that makes money and gives back. A… Read more »

The Ecology of the Economy? Wait. What?

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Hearing the word “ecology” will likely bring up vision of texts books and late nights studying for high school science exams. Or, for those of us who have blocked out 3rd Period Biology from our memories, it might bring to mind Paulie Shore dancing around a BioDome. Ecology is the branch of biology dealing with… Read more »

The Golden Rule: Be Ethical!

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At any organization, any business, there are bound to be opportunities for employees to take an unethical “easy road”. If the company has fostered an ethically sound environment, most people will avoid cutting corners, however, if people think that they can succeed at work by acting unethically and get away with it, they will.

How to Avoid the Rabbit Hole: A Lesson on Company Values

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As the culture of business continues to evolve, phrases like “core values” and “mission statement” have become increasingly popular, yet we still see companies making bad choices that lead to their downfall. So how important are core values? What can they actually do for your business? And how can they help a company avoid unethical… Read more »

How to be a Successful Manager

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Successful management means acting responsibly towards all people “No great manager or leader ever fell from heaven, its learned not inherited.” ― Tom Northup Income, social status, and influence are the outward signs of a successful business manager, but there are things a good manager must do and be to responsibly achieve success.

The Newest TechStars Grant Recipients!

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Many companies know about Techstars, the accelerator program that offers programs in cities across the country. But the Techstars Foundation, a non-profit organization, supports the startup community in a different way. The foundation aims to improve gender, racial, and socio-economic diversity in the technology industry through an array of awards that support organizations that share… Read more »