Risk-Free Representation

The first thing clients usually notice about us is our genuine interest in helping their business succeed. We believe in the clients and companies we represent, which is why we usually work on a contingency-fee basis. BigFish takes the risk, which means that if we can’t accomplish your goals, there’s no charge. Every relationship begins by getting to know you, learning about your company, and by answering your questions. From there, BigFish can analyze the larger landscape and map out a plan to turn your big ideas into a rapid-growth business. There’s no charge for an initial consultation. If we like your ideas and we feel we can be a catalyst to growth, we’ll work you to maximize that growth, while keeping your needs and interests foremost in mind.

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We look at each client engagement as a partnership. Our commitment to our clients’ success, our “plain talk” communication style, and our aggressive representation of our clients’ interests is what differentiates BigFish from others in our space. We’re not encumbered by a complicated, bureaucratic process, so we’re able to move at the speed of business. This can be a significant advantage when time-to-market is critical.

BigFish helps clients fund their big ideas. But, we also invest in the people we work with. In some cases, this may mean providing seed capital to entrepreneurs during their company’s formative stages. In other cases, it may mean finding the right purchasing partner to acquire a well-established company. Many “big ideas” that were first discussed and hatched in our offices have gone on to become successful, rapid-growth enterprises. Please review our portfolio.

At our core, BigFish is a company builder. We invest our time, expertise, and resources into companies we believe will drive innovation across many sectors. Our particular areas of focus are:

  • Web Ventures
  • Niche Industries
  • Technology
  • Film
  • Energy
  • Property Management

BigFish specializes in companies the traditional venture-capital firms may overlook. We frequently work with early-stage companies and young entrepreneurs to build companies that move the needle. We understand that global markets often reward first-movers. Market opportunities have a limited shelf life that may expire before organically-generated funding can fuel growth. Our access to capital, company-building skills, and deep-domain expertise make us an ideal partner for companies contemplating high-growth opportunities that require rapid, significant funding.