Working For BigFish Capital

BigFish Capital is a start up Venture Capitalist company. Our main goal is to create and fund companies that help people; as we grow as an investment firm this will be our #1 focus in vetting companies. Currently we have an office in Houston and have a few employees working from home in Boulder. We are looking for people who are willing be located in or around Boulder as we grow so we can open a full time office.

BigFish Capital believes in working smarter hours, not longer ones. We don’t have a vacation policy, we expect you to get your work done and take the time you need to recharge and be the best employee you can be. We also occasionally work through the weekends and have been found emailing back and forth well after bedtime. We see company ski trips, a dog-friendly office, and many happy hours in our future.

If we do not have an open position that fits your qualifications but you are interested in working for us send us an email outlining your experience, career goals, and why you are interested in working for BigFish Capital.

Email careers [at] bigfishcapital [dot] com to apply.

There are currently no open positions.