BigFish Capital

Based in lovely Boulder, CO, we’re a small group of talented people that have found success in many industries. We know that it takes a bright idea, great people, and just enough financial backing to build something awesome. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re passionate about connecting innovative ventures with the funding they need.

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Our Companies

The BigFish Capital Mission


Experience and Knowledge

BigFish employs its established network of attorneys, negotiating experts, software engineers, investment bankers, accountants, and other key team members to ensure that every transaction is processed with our client’s best interests in mind. Our industry experience includes a wide spectrum of mergers and acquisitions.

One thing drives all the companies at BigFish Capital: making life easier. Our executives got into entrepreneurship for one reason: to make life easier for the people in their communities. Their desire to help the underdog fueled the fire for BigFish Capital. Now we look for ideas that make sense to us. We’re not limited to specific locations or technologies. We invest in people as much as we do in their businesses.