How to be a Successful Manager

Successful management means acting responsibly towards all people

“No great manager or leader ever fell from heaven, its learned not inherited.” ― Tom Northup

Income, social status, and influence are the outward signs of a successful business manager, but there are things a good manager must do and be to responsibly achieve success. A good manager is accountable for herself, but she also remembers to remain accountable to her employees, and to her community. Here is a list we have put together for new managers and seasoned managers to reflect on. Nothing on this list is new or innovative or surprising, but everything on this list is easy to forget as emails pile up and work days get longer and profit starts rolling in.

  • Never stop learning. They say “the more you know, the more you you know you don’t know”. It is vitally important to know what you DON’T know so you can improve on yourself or ask for help filling in your weaknesses.
  • Leadership is about self-awareness. It’s important and brave to recognize your flaws and develop modesty, humbleness, and sympathy towards others. No one is perfect! You are no exception.
  • Mistakes are just opportunities for growth. You will succeed and you will fail throughout your career.  Modesty in success and courage in failure are the mark of a good manager. Learn what you can from your mistakes, you will be better for it.
  • Be a doer. You can talk all you want, but you will be judged by what you do and how well you do it, not by what you promise. If you preach honesty, be honest. If you say you value compassion and courage, be kind and brave.
  • Be fair. Most of the time your employees are not looking for favors, they just want to be heard. Make sure your process for accepting and rejecting new ideas is fair and transparent.
  • Improve on your strengths. Bring your weaknesses up to par, then set them aside and ask for help in those areas when you need it. Strengthen your strengths, that is where you have the largest opportunity for growth.

You may not have fallen from heaven, but if you act with empathy and caring for other people in the workplace and community, you will be an asset to them both. Contact us, we can help you make a difference in your company and in your world.

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