The Next Frontier of Burgers? Tech Start-Up Creates Meat-Free Burgers

Impossible Foods, a California tech start-up that describes itself as “transforming the global food system by inventing a better way to make the meats and cheeses we love without using animals,” just created a environmentally friendly and meat-free cheeseburger.

This burger is made with different plants such as beans, honeydew, and wheat. Rather than just being seen as a veggie burger, Impossible Foods’ burger looks and tastes like the real deal.

The creators of Impossible Foods said, “a molecule called heme is the “magic ingredient” that gives meat its craveable flavor and smell. Although it’s exceptionally abundant in meat, heme is essential to every branch of life, including plants. A heme-containing protein naturally found in plants gives our meat its truly meaty flavor.”

The idea of a tech start-up creating environmentally friendly and meat-free burgers is one that a lot of people, including Bill Gates and top executives at Google, can get behind. By creating a plant alternative to the typically resource draining meat business, Impossible Foods is saving the environment while giving the public what they crave: burgers.

The burger will be unveiled later this year in select restaurants. To be a part of the unveiling, chefs and restaurant owners can sign up to get a pre-release of the burger. This pre-release comes with customer support and a deal on bulk burgers. The burger is not ready to be sold directly to customers yet, but if all goes well it will probably be available to try out on your backyard BBQ in a few years.

I have to admit. I love a good burger, and I don’t think that a pure veggie version in can do the trick. But here at BigFish Capital we’re game to give it a try! (At least once…) What do you think?

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