We connect, fund, and grow innovative ventures.

BigFish thrives in markets where others fear to swim.

We have the expertise, experience, and integrity to help you go far.

Step 1 We listen to you and learn about your business. If we like your model we move forward to help however we can.

Step 2 Our global investor network and local market presence enables us to quickly connect your ideas with funding.

Step 3 With funding secured, you've got the freedom and finances to focus on your strengths and grow your business.

Ways We Can Help

Secure Your Funding

Growth moments have a limited window of opportunity. BigFish has the contacts and capital to strategically gain market share, when your business needs it the most. Sometimes we help provide seed capital to entrepreneurs during early stages of their company's development. Or we help secure the funding needed to take an already successful business to the next level.

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Sell Your Company

BigFish can help ensure an selling outcome that maximizes profitability while keeping your needs and interests foremost in mind. Your company represents years of hard work and dedication. With deep roots in the investment community, BigFish leverages our network to ensure a selling price that accurately represents your company's real value.

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Become An Investor

BigFish is dedicated to connecting people who want to invest, with companies that need funds. We use our contacts to facilitate deals by matching each investor’s business criteria with proposals and opportunities. These opportunity options encompass a wide spread, from series A funding for avant guard companies to growth capital for proven, profitable businesses.

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Restructure Your Debt

If your business has stagnated and isn't showing signs of improvement, it may be time to evaluate your debts. By examining several variables including capital structure, quick ratio, aged payables, and leveraged positions, BigFish can formulate a strategy to convince creditors to amicably settle old debts and sign off on your liabilities as paid in full.

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Our Current Projects

We pride ourselves on seeing the growth potential in companies that traditional firms may overlook. We're not risk-averse when there is great potential for returns in an untapped or dormant market. In short, BigFish actively seeks opportunities in markets where others fear to swim. Please review our current portfolio to help inform your decision-making process to engage a VC firm.

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Our Core Interests

Web Ventures

Web startups seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but that doesn't mean we overlook opportunities in this field. We assess each team, their ideas, and their market niche individually. Unlike many VC or private-equity firms, we take a long-term approach and are not limited by a narrow investment mandate.

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Niche Industries

Although we're not niche-market focused, we are partial to opportunities that exhibit these qualities:

  • Asset-light businesses with B2B strategies
  • Exceptionally strong management teams
  • Technology-driven businesses

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BigFish partners with early-stage technology companies with a leaning toward companies operating in these sectors:

  • Wireless and mobile technologies and services
  • Network software and infrastructure companies
  • SAAS companies
  • Software-enabled service companies

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We've created a unique storytelling and funding platform to enable aspiring filmmakers to showcase their screenplay to investors who specialize in film media. Let's start a conversation about how BigFish can position and promote your story to influential decision makers and film enthusiasts with the means to turn your screenplay into a reality.

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Business Services

Capital is critical to fueling rapid expansion. Many business-sector companies struggle to identify funding sources or to secure funding from traditional lenders. We specialize in transactions that banks turn down. Tap into our experience to provide the funding, expertise, mentoring, and connections that your company needs.

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For those in construction, manufacturing, and agriculture-related industries who need funding, we offer strategic relationships that could add immediate value to your company. BigFish has funded numerous construction, agricultural, and manufacturing start-ups. Contact us today to learn more and let's begin a conversation.

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BigFish has emerged as a leading energy funding source, with experience in both traditional and alternative energy markets. We actively partner with innovators and seek out new technologies that can contribute to a more efficient future for our country and for the world at large.

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Property Management

If you're thinking about selling your distressed commercial property, let's discuss how BigFish can help. With deep roots in the investment and financial communities, BigFish leverages our network of investors to ensure a selling price that accurately represents your property's real value.

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