Why Start Ups Are Important to the Economy

Whenever someone looks at how well an economy is doing, it is important that they take serious look at small businesses and start up companies. Why are start ups important? The number of companies that are starting up during a given period of time (usually the quarter of a year that the economy is measured in) will give a pretty clear indication of what the business market looks like. If there are a lot of companies getting started, regardless of their size, then that indicates that the economy is doing well, and could potentially be expanding nicely. However, if there is a low number of start ups, the economy is likely not doing well.

But start up companies also drive economic growth. They provide new businesses for people and customers to shop at and do business with. By providing new service providers for everything from gifts to contract work, small businesses that are just getting started are establishing themselves as the new go-to place for customers seeking particular goods or services. More start ups will drive more economic growth as customers explore their new options for places to do business.

By demonstrating that the economy is improving as more and more entrepreneurs start their businesses, and providing a means for substantial economic growth by providing new places for customers to seek goods and services, start ups and small businesses are a key factor of any economy, be it local or national. BigFishCapital.com wants to provide the necessary capital for starting new businesses. If you are an entrepreneur who is seeking funding to help drive future economic growth, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your options.

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