Bringing the researching capabilities needed for staying on top of all the latest Legal News and also functioning as a Lawyer Directory: TheLegalNews is set to become the go-to source for staying on top of all the latest legal headlines and for finding legal representation.

The news portion of the site is conveniently separated into categories that are easily distinguishable and allow users to find the headlines that most interest them. From Top Headlines to Business of Law and a Legal in the Limelight section that allows for users to see celebrity and odd news. Articles are updated throughout the day and maintains a completely unbiased opinion on the latest legal happenings; ensuring that users get the news they need from both angles.

Furthering the sites functionality and usefulness is the Directory section of the website. Available to those looking for legal representation as well as for attorneys, the Directory has information on both lawyers and resources for finding Law Schools, Unclaimed Property and State Courts. The Lawyer Directory contains thousands of attorneys who are all searchable by geographic location such as city or state and specialization, guaranteeing that clients find the perfect attorney to assist them with litigation.

TheLegalNews also contains multiple resources for both legal professionals and clients: from a list of Legal Services and Legal Ethics materials to finding funding with the Legal Funding section of the website. Launching in mid-2016, TheLegalNews has the potential of being the most used resource for staying on top of the latest legal headlines as well as functioning as a recognizable and useful tool for finding legal representation.

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