An interactive platform powered by those that are seeking help with legal matters, and legal professionals: HireMeLegal is set to become the all purpose tool used by both clients and lawyers alike. Tailored to be a one-stop-location for finding, and doing business with a legal professional; is the future of litigation. allows clients and attorneys to create free profiles to find the solution to their legal and business needs. For the general public who has little to no knowledge of litigation: the HireMeLegal platform starts with an easy to use form that allows clients to select categories, subcategories and the type of attorney they want to hire. Filling out the form completely, a client can then choose to make their case public so all attorneys can view the case or it can be made private so a specific set of attorneys can be invited to submit proposals. Clients can also search for legal representation by specialization, price range and user rating. The process is secure, and no personal details are displayed when a user posts a case.

As with the client portion of HireMeLegal, creating an attorney profile is completely free. Inclusion of key skills and specializations, as well as links to their professional social media accounts and website, is an important factor to becoming noticed by the thousands of potential clients. After the attorney profile has been created, legal professionals are free to recieve invitations for potential cases, and search’s list of open cases by keyword, budget or category to find their perfect match. Email alerts and messages are also available to recommend and notify attorneys of cases matching their area of legal expertise.

Making communication between clients and their chosen attorney is effiecient using the “workroom” feature which allows collaboration between both parties and includes tools such as: encrypted document storage, instand messaging and video conferencing, as well as a payment feature to insure the job is funded and payment is secure.

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