Connecting Qualified Candidates with Great Opportunities

In a saturated market, where newly graduated or even professional level attorneys are finding trouble finding their next career move; making yourself known has never been harder. AttorneyBlaster exists to take the hassle and stress out of the job search, allowing those in the legal field to ‘blast’ their resumes to the people making hiring decision in law firm’s around the nation.

Easing the burden for prospective employees, AttorneyBlaster also aids legal employers giving them access to the most talented individuals on the market. Firms, businesses and organizations can sort candidates based on geographical location, keywords located within their resume, and by the position they’re wanting to fill.

For legal candidates on the search for their next big career move, AttorneyBlaster give them access to hundreds of employers and can sort them based on their desired location, either city or zip code, and by what position they’re looking to fill. Taking the job search engine platform a step farther, legal professionals have the added option of sending their resumes to over 10,000 Legal Recruiters and Administrators.

Like a well-made suit, Attorney Blaster is tailored towards business minded legal professionals who are looking to advance their careers or find the integral member their team needs to succeed.

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