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Everest started out as a classified ad site, like Craigslist, where people could get in touch with others to buy and sell firearms and related products. Recently we helped Everest completely restructure and launch a brand new platform where users can buy directly through the site from multiple merchants. We are excited to watch them grow.
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GMRgold is a leading precious-metals and commodities firm, specializing in rare and exceptional bars, rounds, coins and other forms of bullion. As proud patriots, they’re dedicated to ethical business practices, and to expertly guiding our clients toward long-term financial security. Chris Kyle Coins are sold exclusively through GMR. They’ve been hugely successful, and are already in wide circulation. GMRgold has been a great investment but also has become a continuous source of pride.
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ArkForecast is the first AI based multi-sourced weather monitoring software for commercial real estate assets. Drawing from weather API’s, social posts, and machine learning, this software keeps track of users’ commercial properties and notifies users when their assets are going to be in danger. With an intuitive database and push notifications, ArkForecast helps owners stay informed from miles away.
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The Legal News

TheLegalNews will be a one-stop source for legal news, legal directories, and do-it-yourself legal documents. Members and visitors will enjoy an easy-to-use online service that enables them to create custom legal documents and to quickly locate appropriate legal resources. The main focus will always be on content: up-to-date legal news, expert opinions, case reviews, and significant legal trends and events.
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HireMeLegal.com is an open marketplace where attorneys compete with each other to earn new clients. Visitors and site members post legal issues of concern and qualified local attorneys submit proposals within minutes! HireMeLegal.com wants to level the playing field by empowering working class and middle-income people to manage and resolve legal issues at a cost they can afford. Clients and lawyers can both use the platform for free, or they can pay for premium services.
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AttorneyBlaster.com is an online service that enables legal-industry professional to upload and “blast” their resumes to hundreds or even thousands of qualified prospective employers. The website’s unique, proprietary software considers each user’s interests, qualifications, and geographic location to return highly relevant, targeted results. AttorneyBlaster.com brings technology previously reserved for C-level executives to legal professionals at all levels. It’s a rich-media platform that gives all legal professionals the ability to shine.
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Designed to put career-minded legal candidates in touch with employers, HiringLegal.com takes the stress and hassle out of the job search and recruiting process. Users looking for legal-industry jobs simply create a profile, upload their resume, and begin perusing the openings. They are quickly connected to hundreds of job postings in the right location. Recruiters looking to fill empty positions and grow their team can contact potential employees through the site. This specialized legal industry site has helped many users get in touch with the right people.
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